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Privacy policy

The operator of www.femker-97.hu hereby informs the visitors of the web site of their practices related to the management of private data, the organizational and technical measures made for the protection of this data, and the related rights of the visitors and their possibilities of uphelding those.

1. Data collector

The data collector is: FÉMKER-'97 Bt. (headquartered at: H-8800 Nagykanizsa, Gesztenyés u. 2..)

2. Scope of collected data

The starting and finishing times of the visitor's stay, and in some cases - depending on the settings on the user's computer - the type of OS and browser are automatically recorded. The system uses this data to automatically generate statistics. The operator does not connect the stats to personal data. When logging in, the site sends a session ID that is deleted automatically upon leaving the site.

Management of the data required for the usage of this website is done with the voluntary acceptance of the user.

3. The goal of data collection

The data collection has the goal of providing public opinion research, and to keep up a constant connection between the registered users who make use of the site's services and the data manager.

The collection and storage of visit times and the type of operating system and browser solely serve statistical purposes.

The data collector does not use private data for reason other than specified. The management of the data provided this way is done with the voluntary consent of the user.

www.femker-97.hu confidentially manages all data related to users, and only uses those to improve and develop their services, to make use of the ad spaces and to create their own statistics, researches. The publication of reports about this data will only happen in forms that are not usable to uniquely identify individual users.

4. Duration of data collection

Session ID s are automatically deleted upon leaving the web site.

www.femker-97.hu does not take responsibility for its pages that were previously deleted but are still archived in online search tools. The deletion of these have to be done by the search engine's operators.

5. Data processors and entities accessing the data

The coworkers of the data collector may access the private data provided by the users.

The data collector does not hand over personal data to third parties other than designated. This does not include any possible data forwarding governed by law. These can only happen in exceptional circumstances. Before fulfilling such requests from authorities, the data collector investigates per data piece whether the request has a legal basis.

6. Rights of users related to their data, data removal

It is the users' choice to provide data specified in section 2. The legal basis for data collection is the voluntary consent of the users.

Users may request information about the management of their data. The data collector gives information to the involved about the managed data, the goal, basis, duratio of data collection, the name and address of data collector (headquartered at: H-8800 Nagykanizsa, Gesztenyés u. 2.) and the activities related to data management; moreover, about who has or have received the data and for what ends. Information request may be done at the postal address of the data collector (headquartered at: H-8800 Nagykanizsa, Gesztenyés u. 2.) or on the info@femker-97.hu e-mail address.

The user may request correction or removal of their private data on the same addresses.

In case of inappropriate use of the site or if the user makes a request, we remove their related data. Removal is done within 24 hours of the business day following the day the removal was requested on.

7. Data security measures

Our company stores private data on the servers of Compass Web & Média Kft. (9700 Szombathely, Kossuth L. u. 23. www.compassweb.hu)

8. Enforcement possibilities

If a user feels that the operator of www.femker-97.hu violated their rights to protect their private data, they may enforce their requests in civil jurisdiction or may ask the data privacy supervisor for help. The detailed laws governing these, and the obligations of the data collector and the publicity of public interest data are contained in the law no. LXIII. of 1992.

We based the privacy policy on the following laws: No. LXIII of 1992 about the protection of provate data and the publicity of public interest data; and the No. VI of 1998 Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data.

9. Information about dangers to privacy

Using the internet brings various dangers which may threaten privacy.

You should be aware that your opinions posted on the website are considered personal information, which can be used to deduce specific information, even your origins or political opinions. These information pieces are made available for everyone.

To protect your personal information, we recommend the use of a VPN technology. Many websites provide information about these.

10. Important web addresses

Privacy Policy information

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